Monday, 24 July 2017

Baraza Blog- 12th July 2017

Open Baraza- last one of the year!

For our final Baraza of the year we asked the students to just let us know of anything they would like to change or improve. And once again, they were very thoughtful and sensible. Any questions that have been answered previously will not be included in this blog, but we will remind students of what we have done in September.
Q: Can we have trips for students without any consequences?
A: There will be more reward trips next year

Q: Can we have more than one piercing in our ear?
A: Not in school I'm afraid.

Q: Please keep handing out stickers- we still really like them. 
A: We will ! :-)

Q: Can there be more sticker boundaries?
A: These have been reviewed and will be shared with students in the Autumn term

Q: Can we ensure students always get their sticker rewards?
A: We give out a lot of stickers and certificates and 95% of these have been correct- occasionally the system for collecting sticker totals has let us down and so is being revised for next year. Please keep giving us feedback on this as we want it to be 100% perfect!!

Q: Can we do a school trip to Canada/ Spain/ for geography/ PE?
A: We already have a regular school trip planned for Shanghai and hope to set up a STEM trip to USA, plus languages visits to Spain, France and another trip to China for the Mandarin Excellence Programme students. 

Q: Can we wear our sleeves up on our blazers?
Image result for finham park uniform
A: No. If you are warm you can take your blazer off in your lesson without asking. We pride ourselves as a school of looking smart at all times.

Q: Can we avoid being given unnecessary homework?
A: Yes, you should only be given homework if it helps with your learning. We will remind the teachers in September.

Q: Can we have shorter queues in the refectory?
A: This year we have had 240 students queuing for lunch. Most students have received their food at lunch tie in 15 minutes. Next year we will have 180 students on each lunch as we will have split lunches. For future years we will review our facilities to ensure students don't have to queue too long.

Image result for school bellQ: Can we have a different sounding bell?
A: We will investigate this over the summer!

Q: Can the library open earlier?
A: If the library opens earlier it will have to close earlier due to the amount of hours the librarian can work. This may be a possibility if we have more librarians in the future. 
Q: Can we have phones out at break and lunch?
A: No.

Thank you to students for their brilliant feedback this year and we look forward to even more next year! Have a great summer break and see you in September....

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Baraza Blog- 5th July 2017

Special Edition year 6 Transition Feedback Baraza

At the end of a very successful transition day on 5th July we asked our new year 7s about their experience- what went well (WWW) and what could be even better if... (EBI).

The year 6s were incredibly well behaved, polite and brave- several of them made significant contributions to our Baraza in front of 120 students and their new staff- very impressive.

Here's what they said:

What went well (WWW):

- all teachers were brilliant/ funny 
- lesson were not boring- they were fun!
- I loved working together in science
- the "grown ups" were very helpful and supportive
- I loved History- the teacher was very funny
- I liked how friendly EVERYONE was
- Both students and staff were very kind
- Lessons were exciting and enjoyable
- I really enjoyed learning new words in French/ Spanish
- I like being in my own clothes (but am looking forward to wearing the new uniform- it's very smart)
- I loved science
- Mr Plester is a really nice headteacher (not sure about that one! :-) )

Even better if.... (EBI)

- can we have more chemistry?
- more variety of food on Transition Day (we know there is lots of choice on a 'normal day'
- we could have a tour of the school

As you can see their responses were very positive!

Roll on September! Also a huge thank you for Mrs Brake for organising Transition Day and for all of the staff who contributed to making the day such a positive experience for everyone!

See twitter for more Transition Day photos and comments @FinhamPark2

Monday, 26 June 2017

Baraza Blog- 23th June 2017

Image result for finham park collegesCollege Leader Baraza

Competition between our colleges of North, East, South and Westgate is fierce....but in a friendly way! Students are proud of their colleges and work hard to try to win the College Cup. As we move closer towards our Festival of Sport this becomes even more important. 

Here's what our students had to say to the College Leaders:

Q: Can the winning college go to a theme park at the end of the year?
A: We can discuss this for next year. Of  course we would need to think about what the other colleges would do. More student discussions are needed here.

Q: Can we have a college chess championship?
A: This can be arranged for next year.

Q: Can the leading college of the half term have pizza?
A: Again we can look into this as part of a review of awards policy.

Q: It is difficult to get everyone involved in the Christmas tree competition. Can we do something bigger?
A: We also collect for Coventry Cyrenians and could collect toys. Another option would be to do a time capsule at the same time.

Q: Can each college have their own charity?
A: Yes- we will arrange this next year.

Q: Can we have more inter-college competitions? E.g. Bake off, sport
A: Yes we can!

Q: Can the college scores be updated every week?
A: Yes- we will do this next year. We will look at the best place to share them

Q: Can we have mentor group trips?
A: Yes- we will look into doing these next year.

Q: Can we have specific rewards for specific behaviours e.g behaviour, attendance?
A: We have a very positive behaviour policy already and rewards will continue to be given for each of these.

Q: Can we have more mentor leaders?
A: Yes, there will be more student leader opportunities in the new academic year.

Baraza Blog- 16th June 2017

Image result for library

Student Feedback on the Library

We are very fortunate at Finham Park 2 to have a large library full of books. There is a lovely atmosphere and it is always bustling with students reading and doing work.

Reading is exceptionally important not only for fun and to find out knowledge, but reading expands our vocabulary and actually really helps with our learning.

Here's what the students said about our library:

Image result for finham park 2Q: Can we have drinks in the library?
A: Yes but away from computers.

Q: Can the library be open earlier?
A: We will consider this next year.

Q: Can we use the computers for games that are not school related?
A: No- the computers are for research, completing homework and for learning only. We do now have software that can monitor all computer screens.

Q: Can we have the complete series of some books where we may only have one?
A: Of course we can look at buying series. Please put any suggestions for new books in the suggestion box in the library.

Q: Can we have more books for older readers?
A: We have already spent a considerable sum of money on new books and will do the same for next year- especially more challenging books. This will be linked to a new reading system called Accelerated Reader. This will encourage all readers to try to read more challenging books, what ever their reading ability.

Q: Can the book shelves be organised better?
A: The layout is currently being reviewed as we buy more books.

Q: Can we take out 2 books at the same time?
A: You can take out 3!

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Baraza Blog- 11th June 2017

Student Feedback of their ICT/ Computing Experience

Image result for ict secondary schoolPositives (what went well?):

- We like having access to lesson resources on Frog (Computing is one of the best pages)
- I like the variety of different lesson topics
- I like being able to choose which homework I do
- we like the small class sizes
- lessons are interesting and fun
- I feel like I've learnt a lot this year
- the topics we cover are really important- programming, internet safety

Areas for improvement (Even better if...):

Q: Can we do more 'big projects'? 
A: This is possible in some topics and Mr Rogers will look at this for next year
Q: Could we have more of a variety of tasks and activities in lessons?
A: Yes- Mr Rogers will tweak lessons planned for next year
Q: Can we do more group projects in lessons?
A: As with the first answer- this is possible for some of the topics studied and will be looked at when planning for next year
Q: Can all subjects collect homework via Google Drive?
Image result for maths and computing schoolA: Different subjects have different requirements for homework and Google Drive doesn't work for all subjects. We will share this with them but not all subjects will be able to do this. 
Q:  Can Frog be used more in other subjects? We would like more information on these sites please.
A: Yes- Mr Rogers will speak to all subjects leaders to ensure Frog pages are developed more
Q: Can there be access on Frog to other useful information e.g. our timetables?
A: We will investigate this
Q: Can we do more computing trips?
A: We already have quite a few but mainly for digital leaders- we will look at further trips for next year

Image result for computing secondary

Baraza Blog- 26th May 2017

Kibblestone Residential feedback

Following our week in Staffordshire here is the students' feedback to help us prepare for next year's residential. Once again some really useful and thouthful feedback:

Image result for kibblestone camp siteWhat went well (WWW)- quotes direct from the students:

- we enjoyed the crate stacking- it was really exciting and a bit scary
- room checks (especially in the boys' dorm) as it kept our room clean and tidy
- we had lots of exercise as we had to walk quite a distance between activities- but it was very tiring
- raid and trade was great!
- almost 70% said they would do exactly the same trip again
Image result for kibblestone camp site- 5 days was perfect
- I managed to do things I never thought I could do
- it challenged me to go further- especially with heights
- it was good not to have our phones all the time as we played other games and din't just sit playing with our phones!
- it was lots of fun
- I felt as though I grew up a bit on this trip- it was the first time I'd been away for this long without my parents
- archery was great

Even better if:

- better toast please!
Image result for kibblestone camp site- can the showers be warm all the time?
- more showers
- room checks for girls to encourage us to keep it tidy and clean!
- softer mattresses
- more active time (sometimes we had too much break time)
- longer activities
- less drama, maths and English activities- some were too easy or too hard
- more 'wow' activities
- have all the activities in one place
- more entertainment in the evenings
- camp fires every night
- Kibblestone hoodies

All of the above will be shared with Team Camp, Kibblestone and Mrs Brake who all worked together to arrange this trip.

Image result for kibblestone camp siteImage result for teamcamp uk

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Baraza Blog- 5th May 2017

Student Feedback of their Humanities experience

Humanities is a broad area of learning which includes Geography, History and Religious Studies. Mr Ludgate listened to what the students had to say:

Positives (what went well?)
Image result for kahoot
  • We enjoy History group work
  • Kahoot is a good resource
  • We like doing projects
  • We get lots of rewards and stickers from most teachers
  • we can sometimes sit next to our friends
  • We don't think the topic of discrimination is needed in PSHE as everyone gets along
Next steps (even better if):

Q: Can we do more group work?
A: Yes in certain topics that is definitely possible

Q: Can we spend more time on topics?
A: We will try to ensure that everyone has a good understanding of every topic, but because there is so much to learn we can't stretch them out too much. However, this year we have had enrichment history, so students who chose that have been able to go deeper with their historical learning.

Q: Can we do more drama in RE and Geography?
A: It really depends on the teacher and the topic being taught, but Mr Ludgate will raise it at the next department meeting
Image result for politics uk
Q: Can we use Kahoot more?
A: When it is appropriate to do so, yes!

Q: Can we do more project work in Geography and RE?
A: Mr Ludgate will ask the teachers of these subjects

Q: Can we do more politics, more use of videos, more sheets with less writing (!), more opportunities to show our artistic side, sticker related challenges
A: All of these are possible and will be shared with the Humanities team of teachers

Image result for discriminationQ: Can the topic of discrimination be made more challenging?
A: We will review that topic with student input and put this in place for next year

Q: Can we do more on the topic of social media in PSHE
A: Yes, but it would need to be different to what is already studied in computing

Q: Can we have study extremism and terrorism in year 9?
A: Yes

Image result for places of worship clipartQ: Can we visit places of worship in RE,  go to Parliament again and visit Ford Castle in year 7
A: Trips are being planned for the places of worship; it is likely we will visit Parliament again and we can investigate a trip to Ford Castle- although we already do a castles trip for all year 7s.