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Baraza Blog- 23rd September 2016

Year 8 feedback on OOSHL

This week our year 8s gave some honest feedback about our compulsory OOSHL programme. All students stay at school for an extra hour on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to get involved in a wide variety of extra curricular activities or what we call Out of School Hours Learning (OOSHL).

Research shows that students that get involved in more activities at school (and outside of school) tend to do better with their studies, are more engaged with their education, are happier and have a more positive self-image. It can often spark an interest that becomes a life-long source of enjoyment. 

Here's what the students said:

Image result for basketball clubQ: Can we have table-tennis club?
A: Yes, once our new outdoor table tennis tables arrive we can get started. Also we are planning to buy some indoor tables that will be available to use after Christmas.

Q: Can we have a basketball club?
A: Yes, again after Christmas when the Sports Hall is completed (with electronic scoreboard!)

Image result for coventry cityQ: Can we have CCFC come to train us for football.
A: Mr Hudson will investigate this

Q: Can the girls play rugby competitions?
A: We would love to and we are investigating if other schools have girls rugby teams.

Q: What about athletics?
A: We have a running track in Green Lane which we will use. Also once the Sports Hall is complete gymnastics and other indoor athletics can start.

Q: We really like the dance studio- can we have another one!?
A: The Refectory and Edwards Keep will be able to be used as well as the Sports Hall

Q: Can we do out of school swimming?
A: Mr Hudson is going to investigate costs for an extended OOSHL

Other comments: Students said they loved the makaton club, rock and pop, choir, chess, library and ukulele club. They also said there is a lot of different clubs to please most students! Students said it was useful to have homework club during school hours. 

Once again- fantastic ideas and comments from our students. We hope we can rise to the challenge.....?
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