Saturday, 1 October 2016

Baraza Blog- 30th September 2016

Year 7 Feedback on OOSHL

Image result for homework clubThis week it's year 7's turn to share with us their feedback on OOSHL. They've very quickly got into the swing of Baraza and continue to make some insightful comments.

To begin with there was lots of positive feedback about our OOSHL program and how most students like having the opportunity to do homework in school and get involved in clubs they might not normally get involved in. Also there was a lot of engaging discussion in sports:

Q: Can we have year 7 rugby every week?
A: As soon as the access to the local playing fields are available this will happen

Image result for girls footballQ: Can we have girls football team
A: Yes- this is already planned 

Q: Can we have fitness club more then once a week
A: This is already a very popular club with both year 7 & 8 so currently there isn't the space or time to, however we will look at how we can make this happen

Q: Can we have a martial arts club?
Image result for parkour clubsA: We can look at buying in a trainer and investigate costs as this would be additional to our current free offer

Q: Can we have a parkour club? (Mr Plester wasn't quite sure what this is free-running apparently!:
A: Again we can look into this once the Sports hall has been finished in January

Image result for year 7 rugby finham 2

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