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Baraza Blog- 13th January 2017

You said, We did.... homework OOSHL feedback (y7)

Please see last week's Baraza Blog for 'You Said, We Did'.

Further OOSHL feedback- homework club:

After recent improvements suggested by year 8 last week, here are year 7's thoughts and feedback (students answers/ questions in BOLD)
  • Do you like being able to  listen to music on your headphones for homework club? YES
  • Do you like being able to talk quietly and help each other? YES
  • Is it better sitting in teaching groups so you can work on the same homework? YES
  • In general are you happy with homework club and the improvements? YES
  • Any other questions or ideas?
    • Can we use laptops if needed?  We did comment on this last week (see Baraza Blog for 6th January), however not all students can use computers as we do not have sufficient for everyone to use one (no school does!). However, this will be at the discretion of the teacher running homework club and the availability of computers each night. We will review this as we purchase more computers. One idea was to have a computer based homework club and paper-based homework club next year with students being able to book a computer in advance- again we will look into this as we move forward.
    • Can we have paper and crayons on tables? Yes
    • Can we have gymnastics club? Yes once the Sports Hall is open.
Mr Plester also pointed out that approximately a third of students with the highest ATL (attitude to learning) in both year groups will have their own Reward Homework Club in the library once the new OOSHL timetable starts in  the next few weeks and Year 7 progress checks have been finalised (year 8 have already started this). 

Thank you to Libby Windsor for once again doing a fabulous job of minuting.

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