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Baraza Blog- 20th January 2017

Year 7 & 8 feedback on Mathematics

Today we invited Miss McDonald to Baraza. She wanted to ask the students what they liked about maths and maths lessons (WWW- what went well) and what can be improved (EBI- even better if). Here's what the year 7 & 8s said:

- we like being able to choose tasks that are most suitable for our learning and ability
- most maths lessons are fun and engaging
- we like being able to work on our own and sometimes in pairs
- we like using Kahoot quizzes
- the teachers are nice!
- the teachers are supportive

Q- can we have more setting? 
A- there is already setting in place and this will continue next year

Q- can we use Kahoot more often?
A- yes, but it will depend on the lesson and the task we're doing. Sometimes students get too excited as they can be very competitive

Q- can we have more creative lessons (we already have some)
A- yes- again this depends on which topic we're doing

Q- can we have more pre-topic homeworks to help us prepare for the next topic
A- yes- the one that was sent home over Christmas was very useful for students and teachers

Q- can we have Maths Watch clips before starting a topic?
A- yes

Miss McDonald also asked students if they like using My Maths or Maths Watch- and although students liked being able to use both, they prefer Maths Watch.

Mr Plester also commented how essential maths qualifications are in future careers, college and university courses.

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