Monday, 27 February 2017

Baraza Blog- 17th February 2017

Open Baraza

Before half term we had a short Baraza as we spent quite a bit of time talking about the new Sports Hall that the students are quite rightly excited about.

Here are the other points they raised (which are similar to comments brought up in previous weeks- amazing consistency!):

Q: Can we have more time to cook in Food lessons
A: Having double food lessons would be a good thing but as technology and ICT are linked having a double ICT lesson may be more difficult. We may be able to look at going into OOSHL for some classes. We will have to look at this for next year's curriculum now.
Q: Can we have water fountains upstairs?
A: New water fountains are being installed in several locations on the ground floor due to the cost of plumbing and possible water spillages

Q: Can we have double PE lessons?
A: We will try to see if this will fit the timetable for 2017-18.

Q: Can the hand sanitisers around the site be refilled
A: Yes
Q: Can we use the East Staircase?
A: From September we will be able to use all the staircases.
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