Friday, 3 February 2017

Baraza Blog- 3rd February 2017

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Open Baraza for invited students

Over 60% of FP2 students have never had a detention or even a consequence. So, today we invited these students to Baraza to get their feedback and also reward them with a choccy treat!

Here's what they had to say:

Q: Can the badge system be sped up?
A: Yes we will aim to get these out much quicker, on a weekly basis
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Q: Can we always be allowed out of lessons on time?
A: Yes, the only reason why whole classes will be late being dismissed is if they take too long to pack away or any equipment is missing.

Q: Can we have the lunch menu online?
A: Yes we will action that today- it will go onto Frog.

Q: Can our lunch pass last for longer?
A: Unfortunately not at the moment because there are so many students that have reached silver that the whole school would 'jump the queue'! However, we would be very interested in students' ideas about rewards for platinum and 'World Class' rewards. 

Q: Can we have crisps on sale in The Refectory?
A: We would need to find out if 'healthy snacks' are available as we try not to send unhealthy food.

Q: Can we have lunchtime clubs?
Image result for water fountain schoolA: This is difficult because we have 35 mins for lunch and both staff and students need a break! However, the music practice rooms can be booked and we do offer a lot of after school clubs. We would like to review this next year.

Q: Can we have water fountains on the 1st & 2nd floor?
A: We are having more water fountains fitted in student services, The Refectory, the Sports Hall and the Fitness Suite.

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