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Baraza Blog- 10th March 2017

Student involvement in our 'Strategic Framework' 

Both Finham Park and Finham Park 2 use a 'Strategic Framework' to summarise the plans for their schools over the next 3 years. There are several areas that we focus on such as teaching and learning, buildings, resources, assessment etc. Every year this is reviewed and updated and all students are involved in mentor time as well as some students being invited to a Baraza to have face-to-face input with Mr Plester. 

Today we just focused on areas for improvement. Not all requests are answered here as some are longer term decisions that will be made as the school grows. Here's what our year 8s had to say:

Q: Could we be allowed in mentor rooms during social time- before school, break, lunch (with rules of course)?

Image result for homework clubQ: Can we have more OOSHL options?

Q: It's much better now, but can we choose when we have homework club?

Q: Can those students not in highest ATL homework club have access to laptops and ipads?

Image result for no mobile phonesQ: Can we have phones out at break and lunch times?
A: Sorry, but no! Our rules are clear on mobile phones.

Q: Is there a room we can go to if we "are stressed" to sit quietly?
A: We already have The Hub and 'Little Hub' for students to go to, but will have more spaces from September.

Q: Can we use the Astroturf at break and lunch?

Q: Can we have longer breaks and lunches
A: We could but we would have a longer school day!

Q: Can we have more Intergate competitions?

Q: Could we have Amazon vouchers for the Diamond Awards
A: We will be reviewing the rewards system but the costs for the system would need to remain the same. We could have vouchers for the Diamond Awards but we would have to move them from elsewhere.

Image result for finham park awards  Image result for amazon vouchers

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