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Baraza Blog- 17th March 2017

Modern Foreign Languages Feedback- year 7

This week students from year 7 were invited to Baraza to feed back their thoughts to Mr Zafar on their French or Spanish lessons. Students really seemed to understand the importance of learning a language and how it will benefit them in the future.

Here's what they said:

WWW (what went well....)
  • Students like the fact that they do lots of different varied  activities including fun games and not just writing!
  • Watching films in foreign languages with English subtitles is interesting (this is also a great idea for students to do at home if they want to improve their French/ Spanish)
  • The progress chart is very useful to see much we are learning- this will be shared with other subjects as a model of good practice
  • We like learning about the countries that speak French and Spanish too.
EBI (even better if....)
  • We could have had more languages teaching at primary school- FP2 will investigate how we could support local primary schools to help prepare students better for secondary school languages
  • For students that are slow with their writing or need more help, could these students be given work sheets?- yes
  • Can we "work more things out for ourselves rather than being told"?- yes
  • Could we have a quiz in every topic e.g. Kahoot?- we will try this when there is relevant points in the learning
  • Could we listen to French and Spanish songs?-  yes

Also if students need help with their French or Spanish the Duolingo app can be useful:

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