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Baraza Blog- 3rd March 2017

Student involvement in our 'Strategic Framework'

Both Finham Park and Finham Park 2 use a 'Strategic Framework' to summarise the plans for their schools over the next 3 years. There are several areas that we focus on such as teaching and learning, buildings, resources, assessment etc. Every year this is reviewed and updated and all students are involved in mentor time as well as some students being invited to a Baraza to have face-to-face input with Mr Plester. 
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Here's what they said:

Things that are great!

- "Our buildings are the best I've ever seen"
- ..."especially the Sports Hall.."
- the food in the Refectory is lovely
- most students are polite and well-behaved
- everyone wears the right uniform
- we don't see students on mobile phones and there is no chewing gum!
- teachers are nice and supportive
- getting stickers
Image result for finham park 2- we have lots of trips
- being able to do Mandarin
- we have a lot of equipment in music and PE
- Baraza is good as we can change things 

Things that we could improve (as one of the students, said this is always easier!)

- start using the herb garden (we will do once the frosts have finished)
- have more bike sheds (we do have more and will start using them in September- we have enough space at the moment...just!)
- the sand on the artificial pitch is annoying (this is common in the winter but will tread in over time and won't be as much of a problem later in the spring and summer)
- can we do more homework projects? 
- star sticker badges can be given out late (we'll aim to speed this up ASAP)
- can we make lunch queues smaller (we will probably got to two lunches next year so there will be less students. Students can also order 'grad-and-go' food in the morning.)
- possibly have smaller balls on the tennis courts to play football; keep the ball boxes and table tennis box stocked up
- can we have more badges for things such as tour guide, science leader, maths leader etc?

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