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Baraza Blog- 24th March 2017

Modern Foreign Languages Feedback- year 8

This week students from year 8 were invited to Baraza to feed back their thoughts to Mr Zafar on their French or Spanish lessons. Students really seemed to understand the importance of learning a language and how it will benefit them in the future.

Here's what they said:

What Went Well:

Students commented that they:

  • enjoy that different skills that are involved in lessons
  • enjoyed the last module which was a French film review
  • enjoyed learning about the culture about the countries alongside the language aspects
  • are making a greater progress this year and enjoying languages more
  • enjoy watching videos alongside working, they believe it helps them more.
  • enjoy languages overall

Even Better If:

Students said that would like:

  • more role play activities
  • to choose their seating plan (students are aware that teachers choose seating plans for a variety of good learning reasons)
  • a language OOSHL (after school club)

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