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Baraza Blog- 31st March 2017

Open Baraza year 7

This week students were given the opportunity to feedback on anything to do with the school. Here's what year 7 said:
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Q: Can the leaves be picked up off the tennis courts?
A: Yes- we will pass this onto site services

Q: Can we have a Dodgeball OOSHL
A: As long as there is sufficient staffing on top of other clubs this should be possible- we will ask Mr Hudson

Q: We are enjoying the sports fixtures- can we have more please?
Image result for school trampolinesA: We will ask Mr Hudson to feedback on this

Q: Can we use Templars' fields more often?
A: Mr Plester is in further discussions to ensure that FP2 students can use Templars' fields more regularly.

Q: When will we use the trampolines?
A: Mr Hudson will need to answer that question

Q: Can we have an equipment shop?
A: Yes- Mrs Brake will work with the office to get this set up

Q: Can we have an animation OOSHL (after school club)?
A: We will ask Mr Rogers and Mrs Pendergrast to see if this is possible for next year.

Once again, some great ideas from our brilliant year 7s!

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