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Baraza Blog- 7th April 2017

Open Baraza Year 8

This week was year 8's opportunity to feedback their thoughts on any area of the school. Here's what they had to say:

Image result for sport rulesQ: As well as learning about the skills for each sport can we be taught the rules?
A: Yes- we will pass this onto Mr Hudson

Q: Can we have the Refectory menu on Frog?
A: Yes- we will ask the Refectory staff to do this for after Easter

Q: Can we have coffee in the mornings?
A: I'm afraid we don't sell caffeinated drinks

Q: Can we have cups for the water fountains?
A: Unfortunately cups make a mess and are not very environmentally friendly as they are just thrown away after one use. Also by now should all students should have a Finham Park 2 water bottle that they should bring to school to fill up.

Q: Can we have a Dodge ball club?
A: We will ask Mr Hudson.

Q: Can we have PE OOSHL on Monday's and Fridays?
A: Again, we will ask Mr Hudson to feedback at the next Baraza as there have been a lot of ideas for PE

Q: Can we have double PE?
A: We have asked our timetabler if this is possible- we will let you know in the summer term

Q: Can we stay in our PE kit at 3pm on Monday or Friday when we go home early?
A: Students should change back into their school uniforms on Monday and Friday, however on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday they can stay in their kit as this extra curricular PE.

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  1. This is our first comment and feedback from Mr Hudson our Leader of PE:

    Q: Can we have a Dodgeball OOSHL?
    A: It is in Phase 4 (which they will start choosing today) – the club will start next week .

    Q: We are enjoying the sports fixtures- can we have more please?
    A: We are always planning fixtures. However, we have to balance our commitments with our varied extra- curricular (OOSHL) offer and external fixtures. More and more will be offered as the school grows.

    Q: Can we have PE OOSHL on Monday's and Fridays?
    A: We won't be able to on Mondays as all staff have meetings in school, and on Friday students are very keen to get home for the weekend!