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Baraza Blog- 28th April 2017

Student Leadership Baraza

We have a large number of active student leaders already and are currently recruiting more.

Image result for grow a poundTo start with, our current student leaders were asked what to spend the approx £600 that was raised from the fantastic 'Grow a Pound' competition last year. Students suggested that the money should go towards buying more books for the library,
Here's what else they had to say:

Q: Can we have some say in what departments spend their money on?
A: Department student leaders can during meetings with Subject Leaders and during Barazas

Q: Student Ambassadors love taking part in staff recruitment and feel it is worthwhile. Can other student leaders be involved?
A: Yes, once they are trained up by shadowing current student interviewers. Mrs Brake and Mrs Rose will action this.

Q: Students would like more access to computers in lesson time
A: We currently have a lot of computers for the number of students in the school. However in September we will have more full equipped computer rooms available that can be used in lessons

Image result for ducks and ducklingsQ: Can we have a duck sanctuary?
A: We have already contacted the RSPCA regarding our ducks and ducklings. They have said that they cannot do anything to help them and that "nature should just take its course". We have a small group of students that look after our current ducks by ensuring they have clean water. If we do have more ducks next year we will look at this again and see what we may be able to do to protect them better.

Q: Students have enjoyed the trips and asked if there can be more for student leaders?
A: Yes this is a good idea. Mrs Brake will speak to staff working with student leaders to see what else can be offered- the students may have some good ideas too!

Q: What will Edward's Keep be used for?
A: Currently our plan is to use it as an additional PE space, exam hall and place for assemblies

Image result for virtual reality headsetQ: Can we have a Virtual Reality/ gaming room
A: It depends what it is being used for. However there is huge educational benefits that could be developed. Perhaps the Digital Leaders could speak to Mr Rogers to put a proposal together. 

Once again- sich brilliant ideas and sensible, mature suggestions from our suggestions.

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