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Baraza Blog- 16th June 2017

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Student Feedback on the Library

We are very fortunate at Finham Park 2 to have a large library full of books. There is a lovely atmosphere and it is always bustling with students reading and doing work.

Reading is exceptionally important not only for fun and to find out knowledge, but reading expands our vocabulary and actually really helps with our learning.

Here's what the students said about our library:

Image result for finham park 2Q: Can we have drinks in the library?
A: Yes but away from computers.

Q: Can the library be open earlier?
A: We will consider this next year.

Q: Can we use the computers for games that are not school related?
A: No- the computers are for research, completing homework and for learning only. We do now have software that can monitor all computer screens.

Q: Can we have the complete series of some books where we may only have one?
A: Of course we can look at buying series. Please put any suggestions for new books in the suggestion box in the library.

Q: Can we have more books for older readers?
A: We have already spent a considerable sum of money on new books and will do the same for next year- especially more challenging books. This will be linked to a new reading system called Accelerated Reader. This will encourage all readers to try to read more challenging books, what ever their reading ability.

Q: Can the book shelves be organised better?
A: The layout is currently being reviewed as we buy more books.

Q: Can we take out 2 books at the same time?
A: You can take out 3!

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