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Baraza Blog- 23th June 2017

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Competition between our colleges of North, East, South and Westgate is fierce....but in a friendly way! Students are proud of their colleges and work hard to try to win the College Cup. As we move closer towards our Festival of Sport this becomes even more important. 

Here's what our students had to say to the College Leaders:

Q: Can the winning college go to a theme park at the end of the year?
A: We can discuss this for next year. Of  course we would need to think about what the other colleges would do. More student discussions are needed here.

Q: Can we have a college chess championship?
A: This can be arranged for next year.

Q: Can the leading college of the half term have pizza?
A: Again we can look into this as part of a review of awards policy.

Q: It is difficult to get everyone involved in the Christmas tree competition. Can we do something bigger?
A: We also collect for Coventry Cyrenians and could collect toys. Another option would be to do a time capsule at the same time.

Q: Can each college have their own charity?
A: Yes- we will arrange this next year.

Q: Can we have more inter-college competitions? E.g. Bake off, sport
A: Yes we can!

Q: Can the college scores be updated every week?
A: Yes- we will do this next year. We will look at the best place to share them

Q: Can we have mentor group trips?
A: Yes- we will look into doing these next year.

Q: Can we have specific rewards for specific behaviours e.g behaviour, attendance?
A: We have a very positive behaviour policy already and rewards will continue to be given for each of these.

Q: Can we have more mentor leaders?
A: Yes, there will be more student leader opportunities in the new academic year.

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