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Baraza Blog- 5th July 2017

Special Edition year 6 Transition Feedback Baraza

At the end of a very successful transition day on 5th July we asked our new year 7s about their experience- what went well (WWW) and what could be even better if... (EBI).

The year 6s were incredibly well behaved, polite and brave- several of them made significant contributions to our Baraza in front of 120 students and their new staff- very impressive.

Here's what they said:

What went well (WWW):

- all teachers were brilliant/ funny 
- lesson were not boring- they were fun!
- I loved working together in science
- the "grown ups" were very helpful and supportive
- I loved History- the teacher was very funny
- I liked how friendly EVERYONE was
- Both students and staff were very kind
- Lessons were exciting and enjoyable
- I really enjoyed learning new words in French/ Spanish
- I like being in my own clothes (but am looking forward to wearing the new uniform- it's very smart)
- I loved science
- Mr Plester is a really nice headteacher (not sure about that one! :-) )

Even better if.... (EBI)

- can we have more chemistry?
- more variety of food on Transition Day (we know there is lots of choice on a 'normal day'
- we could have a tour of the school

As you can see their responses were very positive!

Roll on September! Also a huge thank you for Mrs Brake for organising Transition Day and for all of the staff who contributed to making the day such a positive experience for everyone!

See twitter for more Transition Day photos and comments @FinhamPark2

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